Sang-e Sabour

In Persian fairy tales, whenever a girl doesn’t get her happy ending or loses her love, she would find a special kind of stone called Sang-e Sabour. Putting the stone in front of her the girl would have cried until she dies out of grief. The only way to stop her death would have been reuniting with her lost love.

The terms Sang-e Sabour literally means the patience stone in Farsi. In Iranian popular culture, the expression Sang-e Sabour is used as an expression for someone who listens to our problems help us through them. Sang-e Sabour is a call for help on a way to reaching a closure and putting a lost behind.

Being inspired by my childhood stories, I have used pages from my  personal journals. The pages used for this project usually contains events that involve the people or loved ones I have lost in my past. the complete text is covered by white water sensitive paint that reveals its texts as soon as a drop of water falls on it. they pages go back to being white when dried. The installation continues until the complete journal is torn apart  by water.