Boundaries , selfdom and  intimacy are subjects that change meaning as we grow up and become aware of our selfhood. The sharing of these experiences stays somehow unnecessary to be discussed   as each of us somehow find our way through it.

The idea of  a book of such experiences came to me but it seemed impossible to understand each experience by reading. I felt these stories need to be read in their own significant circumstances.

For this project  in an open call I have asked my Iranian friends (male and female) to write a short text about their first experiences regarding their bodies and intimacy. Using braille language I have written these texts on Japanese hand made paper.The paper it self is very thin and translucent but very durable.

 In order to read and understand the text which is between two pages, the audience must put their hand inside and penetrate the book it self. In order to discover such intimacy the audience has to become intimate with the book.