Precious was here

a suite of 8 unique photo-intaglio print, printed on a 100% hand made paper with embedded hair, collected after 3 rounds of mom’s chemotherapy.

Continuing My Precious Things project, “ Precious Was Here” portfolio is based on a series of photos taken from my mother during her post-Mastectomy recovery.

While battling breast cancer and adjusting to the absence of her breast I once again asked her about The Precious Things and if she feels comfortable showing the part of her body where her breast exists no more.

Feeling a Phantom Limb, her feelings at first where strong about not showing her chest and letting me taking photos from her scars but further more she agreed with the one condition : no photos may contain her other breast. While I was taking photos, she noted with irony : I’m missing a precious thing here.  This project was previously produced as a single print 2 weeks after Mastectomi surgery and then transformed into a Portfolio with photostaked during a year of battling cancer.